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This is the official website for Guernsey's Vale Parish. Here you will find essential information about the district and regularly updated news and material to help you make the most of living in the beautiful and ancient Paroisse du Valle, which is administered by the Vale Douzaine.
From the Constables - Latest Updates

Les Amarreurs clean-up welcomed by Constables

Fri 23 Aug 2019

Moves by the States to remove unused craft from the headland at Les Amarreurs and restore the vegetation binding the sand dunes there have been welcomed by the parish's Constables.

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'Worst road' to be improved following Douzaine criticism

Fri 16 Aug 2019

What's been described by some as the worst road in the island looks set for improvement following pressure from the Vale Douzaine.

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States wants to kick-start Leale's Yard regeneration

Thu 08 Aug 2019

Public funds will be used to help kick-start the regeneration of Leale's Yard, Policy and Resources said yesterday. It has authorised up to £400,000 to be used to revitalise four areas, including the long derelict Bridge site.

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All 10 parishes worried by Planning, says Douzaine Council

Wed 07 Aug 2019

All 10 island parishes have widespread concerns about the way Guernsey's planning laws currently work, the Guernsey Douzaine Council has said.

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'Just four' comment shows how out of touch Planners really are, says Constable

Mon 05 Aug 2019

Claims by Development & Planning Authority president Dawn Tindall that just four homes were built in the North of the island last year show how out of touch she is with parish concerns about over-development and the loss of open space, says the Vale's Senior Constable.

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