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From the Constables - Latest Updates

All Vale deputies backing planning law reform

Sat 25 May 2019

All six Vale Parish deputies will be supporting moves to reform the island's planning process and make it more politically accountable.

Members have made this clear following concerns that they had not signed a Requête urging the States to change the existing regulations.

Senior Constable Richard Leale had earlier highlighted the apparent lack of support for the motion from Vale deputies, but a little-known change prevents more than seven signatures from appearing on a Requête.

He said: "I'm grateful to the deputies for confirming that they are indeed supporting the move to reform the island's planning laws and, by doing so, that they recognise what a big issue this is in and for the Vale.

"Parishioners will be particularly pleased that all their representatives have 'gone public' on such an important topic and that there is now a good chance of putting some common sense back into the planning process."

The deputies' individual responses are as follows:

Mary Lowe [via Twitter]
Unfortunately on this occasion the Constable hasn’t recognised the Rules have changed – only 7 signatories are allowed whereas in the past it was becoming the norm to see 20! I’ve spoken with Deputy Merrett [who is leading the Requête] over the last few months on what she was wanting to achieve and I fully support her.

Sarah Hansmann Rouxel [via Twitter]
Requête can only have 7 signatories. Deputy Merrett has been working with members and officers tirelessly to bring this Requête. If you look at the signatories they are from across the island’s parishes – doesn’t mean other Vale deputies haven’t contributed or not supportive.

Laurie Queripel
The simple answer is, I wasn't asked to sign the Requête. The longer answer, I did contribute to the Requête's formulation via discussions with Deputy Merrett and through putting forward ideas. I'm actually surprised that my interest in this matter is being questioned bearing in mind I have made my views abundantly clear on this issue (through the media and via contact with the DPA) and I have supported many objections to various proposed developments within the Vale. So I have been both active and vocal.

My understanding is Deputy Merrett wanted the signatures on the Requête to demonstrate Assembly-wide concern in regard to the application and effect of IDP polices in order to show that it wasn't just the deputies representing the north of the island who believed changes were needed. If one does the maths then this should hopefully indicate that the motion has a good chance of succeeding.

Jeremy Smithies
Had I been asked I would have signed the Requête but I wasn’t so I couldn’t. 
A Requête is not a petition and it only needs 7 signatures. Deputy Merrett saw fit not to ask me to sign her Requête and only she can be held responsible for the missing signatures.

Neil Inder
Disappointing headline as both Laurie, Mary and myself have spent many hours assisting Vale parishioners on Planning matters. Deputy Merrett selected an island wide set of Deputies and I welcome her initiative. And it's a good Requête.

Deputy Fallaize was one of those invited to sign the Requête. Here, he sets out his reasons for doing so:

Matt Fallaize
I would like to see greater protection for open green spaces, which will not surprise you given the number of objections I have submitted to applications to develop on open green spaces in our parish;
- I wish to see the planning appeals process reviewed, including considering whether parties other than the applicant (e.g. objecting neighbours) should have a right of appeal or a right to appear before an appeals panel, and whether an unelected body should have the powers it does to overturn decisions of the elected Authority;
- I think the States need to give more consideration to taking an active role in pursuing development opportunities at Leale’s Yard;
- I think the States should consider a more active and directional approach in land planning and development generally;
- Some years ago planning applications were determined in a way which was too arbitrary and the whole process did not benefit from a proper strategic framework and the work done by the D&PA and its predecessors has improved things in this area, but I have said many times that I fear the pendulum may have swung too far and we have an extraordinary amount of legislation and policy built around our planning regime which seems to me disproportionate when compared with almost every other aspect of island life; and
- I fear that democratic accountability in the planning process has been diminished and this concerns me.

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Vale deputies criticised for inaction on planning review

Fri 24 May 2019

Le Maresquet: another green field marked for development in the Vale

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Guernsey Electricity backs parishes' Bridge community enhancement initiative

Fri 03 May 2019

Guernsey Electricity has agreed to work with the Vale and St Sampson’s Douzaines to see how the current high level of community liaison between them can be improved and extended.

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The Vale Floral Group's been busy

Thu 25 Apr 2019

Members of the Vale Floral Group continue to be very active to help keep the parish in tip top condition and one of their latest projects is improving the field at the back of the Douzaine Rooms, pictured. 

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Parish backlash to proposed 150-home development at Saltpans

Tue 23 Apr 2019

Parishioners and Douzeniers have reacted angrily to proposals to build up to 156 new homes at the former Kenilworth Vinery at Saltpans (below) because of the impact it could have on the Vale.

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