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This is the official website for Guernsey's Vale Parish. Here you will find essential information about the district and regularly updated news and material to help you make the most of living in the beautiful and ancient Paroisse du Valle, which is administered by the Vale Douzaine.
From the Constables - Latest Updates

Leale's Yard regeneration 'a step closer'

Tue 23 Jul 2019

The long-awaited development of Leale's Yard and the regeneration of the Bridge has moved a step closer thanks to a States debate on planning, according to the deputy behind the move.

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States debate could protect green fields

Thu 18 Jul 2019

A proposal that could help protect greenfield sites in the Vale from development and give parishioners more say in what gets built where is being debated by States members today.

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New triangle field plans "big improvement", says Constable - but still not wanted

Fri 12 Jul 2019

Revised plans to build housing on the "triangle field" opposite Braye Road industrial estate have been described as "a vast improvement" by the Vale's Senior Constable, Richard Leale - although he would still prefer for the site to remain undeveloped.

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Please don't feed the gulls

Tue 02 Jul 2019

People who use Bordeaux are being urged not to feed the seabirds there because that act of kindness can be harmful in several ways, according to Environmental Services. 

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Douzaine asking for more family-friendly loos at Les Amarreurs

Thu 27 Jun 2019

The States has been asked by the Vale Douzaine to consider improving toilet facilities at Les Amarreurs because of the number of children and parents using the popular play area there, pictured below.

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