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This is the official website for Guernsey's Vale Parish. Here you will find essential information about the district and regularly updated news and material to help you make the most of living in the beautiful and ancient Paroisse du Valle, which is administered by the Vale Douzaine.
From the Constables - Latest Updates

Guernsey Electricity backs parishes' Bridge community enhancement initiative

Fri 03 May 2019

Guernsey Electricity has agreed to work with the Vale and St Sampson’s Douzaines to see how the current high level of community liaison between them can be improved and extended.

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The Vale Floral Group's been busy

Thu 25 Apr 2019

Members of the Vale Floral Group continue to be very active to help keep the parish in tip top condition and one of their latest projects is improving the field at the back of the Douzaine Rooms, pictured. 

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Parish backlash to proposed 150-home development at Saltpans

Tue 23 Apr 2019

Parishioners and Douzeniers have reacted angrily to proposals to build up to 156 new homes at the former Kenilworth Vinery at Saltpans (below) because of the impact it could have on the Vale.

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150-home Saltpans development 'won't affect traffic'

Sat 20 Apr 2019

Building a new 156-home estate on the former Kenilworth Vinery estate at Saltpans will have no significant effect on traffic in the area, an impact assessment by consultants Arup has concluded.

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Saltpans '150 homes' plan criticised by Constable

Wed 17 Apr 2019

Plans to allow up to 156 homes at the former Kenilworth Vinery site in the Saltpans has been criticised by the Vale's Senior Constable, who said it reinforced the widespread view that politicians needed to control their planning officers far more tightly.

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