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Kerbside recycling of paper and cardboard (white bags) or plastics and cans (blue bags) alternates weekly and should be put out together with your black sack rubbish or bin. This week’s (recycling) bag can be found on gov.gg (recycling icon top of page).

Please remember when putting rubbish/recycling out for collection that you need to do it the night before as our contractor picks up very early on the day of collection.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Guernsey's waste strategy, which underpins the Vale Douzaine’s refuse collection programme, encourages islanders to reduce waste and provides services and facilities that make it easier to reuse and recycle.

Many unwanted household items that are still in good condition can be given a new lease of life by someone else. They can be donated to charity shops, or dropped off at the Longue Hougue recycling facility.

Reusing these items stops them ending up as waste and the amount that we all recycle has a significant effect on the life of the tip at Mont Cuet.

The Vale Douzaine is keen to encourage recycling where possible. For full details of all of the island’s recycling initiatives, visit the States of Guernsey website 

Recycling sites in the parish

The main ones in the Vale are:

- Chouet Headland
- Douzaine room car park (Salvation Army - clothing, books etc)
- La Banque Imbert, Bordeaux (glass and cans)

A number of bins have been placed in coastal car parks for everyday litter. 

Refuse collections

Arrangements are made by the Vale Douzaine for the regular collection of refuse throughout the Parish on a weekly basis.

Collection days vary according to area, details of which can be obtained from the Douzaine Room. (see Refuse Days and Routes page)

The cost of collection and disposal is charged to parish ratepayers through the refuse rate. How much this is and what influences it is approved as part of the overall budget, at the Parish Meeting. (see forthcoming dates under Douzaine)

Householders are limited to two bins or two sacks. Wheelie bins are becoming more popular, but only two bin sacks are allowed in each wheelie bin and no more than one wheelie bin can be used.

Information about new streams of kerbside recycling will be published here as soon as the details are finalised by the States of Guernsey. 

Opening times of Islandwide waste and recycling points can be found here

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