Douzaine voices concern about quarry use for inert waste

Thu 09 Aug 2018

Members of the Vale Douzaine have expressed concern over the proposed use of two former quarries in the parish for receiving inert waste from builders and contractors.

Other options were available that did not risk environmental damage or disrupting the lives of those living near L’Epine Quarry, owned by Guernsey Water and used as a reservoir, and Guillotin Quarry, which is privately owned and also water-filled.

Senior Constable Richard Leale said the Douzaine wasn't opposed to infilling redundant quarries in principle but took the view after much consideration that these were simply the wrong ones to choose.

'They are too small and in the wrong place to justify the habitat destruction and potential nuisance of dumping inert waste there,' he said.

'Political' solution
It was acknowledged that States Trading Assets had been asked by the States to re-examine alternatives to the favoured option of landfill to the north of Belle Greve Bay but the Douzaine did not believe the re-think had been thorough enough.

'Regrettably, this appeared to members to be a "political" solution – putting forward no-hope suggestions with a view to getting the board's reclamation project approved instead,' he said.

Better options existed. Chouet Headland had been identified as suitable for limited coastal reclamation and already had access and few neighbours to annoy.

'I still believe the best long-term option is to infill Longue Hougue Quarry, thereby releasing much-needed land in the island's main industrial area,' he said. 

Les Vardes could then be used for additional water storage if required. 'The current drought shows that we are already remarkably well off for water,' said Mr Leale.

He added that that the Douzaine had taken advice from the head of Ronez concerning use of Les Vardes and, in addition, a previous Water Board engineer who was involved with Longue Hougue Reservoir from the start categorically stated that the bottom third was contaminated with sea water.

  • Vale Deputy Matt Fallaize, who opposes as 'inconceivable' the use of the two quarries (shown below), said the States had 'an eccentric moment' in asking for a rethink.
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