Concerns raised over use of Belle Greve 'for dumping'

Wed 27 Feb 2019

Vale Constable Richard Leale has added his voice to those questioning the proposed use of part of Belle Greve Bay for dumping inert waste.

He said the proposals for what the States are calling Longue Hougue South actually mean disposing of inert waste in the northern corner of Belle Greve and destroying the small bay at Spur Point.

'I rather agree with the article in Monday's Guernsey Press which said the States were pursuing this project because it was the line of least resistance – not because it's the best place for builders' rubble,' he said.

The chief weakness in the case for Longue Hougue South was that the land to be reclaimed after the projected 12-year infill period had no defined use.

'To have any validity as a case for using Belle Greve like this, there has to be a predetermined use for the land being reclaimed,' said the Senior Constable.

'Otherwise, what's being proposed is tantamount to the island throwing its rubbish into the sea – as Alderney and Sark used to do – and which is completely unacceptable.'

He said the States were casting around for a short term solution because the issue of inert waste hadn't been properly planned.

'Without a proper use for any reclaimed land, we are simply sacrificing an ecologically important corner of the North to get government out of a mess of its own making,' he said.

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