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Boat moorings

Moorings in the Vale
The Vale parish has four areas where people traditionally moor their boats and, since 1979, this has been controlled by law through specially constituted moorings committees.

Details of these are below, as is the relevant legislation. Anyone wanting to moor in one of the designated areas or to move an existing mooring is asked to contact one of the members listed here for more information.


Rodney Norman (Special Constable) 07781 103349
Steve Fallaize 07781 152217
Richard Falla 07781 419362
Colin Eborall 07781 110046
Darren Mann (Special Constable) 07781 101319
Sean Mann 07911 714903

Michael Scrimshaw (Special Constable) 07781 103949
Alan Cox 07781 101383
Danny Blake 01481 244094

Dan Masterton (Special Constable) 07781 140743
Brian Le Bourg – no contact details
Barry Martin 01481 249579
Chris Stevens 07781 420107

James Jenner 07781 420107
Nick Heaume 01481 245639


1. Neither the Committee nor the Parish will be liable for any damage or injury caused by any vessel or other property or any person however such damage or injury may be caused.

2. No floating ropes shall be used.

3. All bobbers and buoys used in connection with the mooring shall be floating at high tide.

4. The mooring shall not be used in any other way as to cause damage or inconvenience to other vessels.

5. The owner shall be solely responsible for his vessel and equipment whilst moored.

6. All boats, punts, trailers, equipment etc must be readily identifiable at all times.

7. The mooring is not transferable between owners and/or vessels.

8. The Committee may at its discretion revoke any mooring should there be any breach of the foregoing conditions.

9. The Committee must be informed if the person to whom this mooring is allocated has a mooring in States controlled harbour or marina or a mooring controlled by another parish.

10. Any misconduct which has a detrimental effect on other boat owners could result in the Committee revoking your mooring allocation. 

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