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Vale speed limit changes: your views wanted

Tue 17 Jul 2018

More than 80 island roads will have their speed limits cut if proposals from the Environment and Infrastructure Committee are approved, including Braye Road and thoroughfares around the Bridge.

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L'Ancresse goalposts replaced

Sun 15 Jul 2018

They replace old timber posts that had been there for years and deteriorated to the point where they had to be removed. Vale Junior Constable Bill Cohu, who oversaw the project, says the new ones are galvanised steel and will last for years.

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Online payments accepted for parish rates

Sat 14 Jul 2018

'Some people think they can only pay in person or by sending in a cheque and that's not the case,' he said.

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L'Ancresse Wall update

Wed 11 Jul 2018

The former anti-tank wall at L'Ancresse is back in the news with the media reporting that £5,000 is to be spent preparing a small section of it for the winter.

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Who’s responsible for roadside weeds?

Thu 05 Jul 2018

The wet spring followed by some fine and warm weather has certainly triggered some growth around the island - and been a feature of this year’s hedge inspections.

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Coastal erosion worries Vale Commons Council

Thu 28 Jun 2018

A worrying increase in the amount of erosion at La Fontenelle Bay has been drawn to the attention of the Vale Douzaine by the Vale Commons Council, which manages L'Ancresse Common.

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New community project for the Vale

Tue 26 Jun 2018

The Vale Douzaine has announced exciting new plans to create a special open space in the heart of the parish – and is also looking for people who want to help with the community project.

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L'Ancresse wall 'insufficiently special' to be protected

Mon 25 Jun 2018

The Development & Planning Authority has decided that the L'Ancresse anti-tank wall should not be added to the protected monuments list. The Authority considered the legislation and the criteria for protection and agreed that the L'Ancresse anti-tank wall did not qualify for this statutory protection. The details of its decision are to be found here.

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Thanks for the hard work...

Sat 23 Jun 2018

With the summer stream and hedge cleaning and cutting period coming to an end, the Constables and Douzeniers have completed their inspections of the parish. From the reports coming in, most have heeded the request to be a good neighbour and to get the work done on time.

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Wanted: volunteers

Mon 18 Jun 2018

Do you know any charities, businesses or individuals who deserve greater recognition for what they do? The Guernsey Community Foundation’s annual Community Awards are returning to St James in November and are the best opportunity to celebrate all those who work tirelessly to raise money and embark on community projects for the benefit of others here in the Vale, across the Bailiwick and further afield.

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