Vale Douzaine opposed to speed limit changes

Wed 01 Aug 2018


Proposals by the Environment Committee to reduce the speed limit on more than 80 island roads including Braye Road and thoroughfares around the Bridge (pictured below) have been rejected by the Vale Douzaine as 'a waste of time'.

Senior Constable Richard Leale has written to the committee to outline the Douzaine's opposition to the recommendations, which were widely condemned by members as unnecessary, not evidence based and unlikely to have any practical effect. 

'Douzeniers considered Environment's proposals in detail and are unable to support them,' he said. 'There were many adverse comments about the package, and the motivations behind them.

'We have also had some input from a member of the committee and I'm afraid Douzeniers were not persuaded by the validity of the case or what Environment is trying to achieve with the new speed limits.'

He said it was also unclear whether the package was supported by political members of the Committee for Home Affairs, which had responsibility for policing speed and road safety, or what the implications were for many more traffic signs being erected.

'The Douzaine ultimately concluded that there were many far more important things the States could be concentrating on,' he said.

Mr Leale added that Environment and Infrastructure had the power to implement the changes without States approval and urged parishioners to make their views known to the committee by emailing traffic@gov.gg or writing to Traffic & Highway Services, P O Box 145, Bulwer Avenue, St Sampson's, GY2 4LR, to arrive no later than Monday 13th August. 

Concerns were also expressed about holding a consultation like this during the school holidays when people were away. 

List of roads proposed to be changed to 25mph speed limit

In the parishes of Saint Sampson and Vale -

Lowlands Road,

Route du Picquerel, from its junction with Les Petites Mielles to a point 45m west of its junction with Le Picquerel,

In the parish of Vale -

La Route du Braye, a point 25m west of La Bailloterie Lane to a point 18m west of its junction with Vale Avenue,

Les Mares Pellees,

Sohier Road, from La Route du Braye to a point 90m north of junction with Les Mares Pellees,

Rue Coutance,

Rue de L’Essart,

Le Petit Essart,

Carriere Lane,

Rue du Tertre,

Tertre Lane,

Rue des Barras, from its junction with Les Juqueurs Road to a point 140m east of its junction with Les Jugueurs Road,

Les Rocques Barrees Road, from a point 57m east of its junction with Belval Road to a point 40m west of junction with Rue du Havre,

Le Picquerel,

Houmet Lane, from its junction with Route du Picquerel to a point 72m west of its junction with Route du Picquerel,

Bank Lane.


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