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Sat 23 Jun 2018

With the summer stream and hedge cleaning and cutting period coming to an end, the Constables and Douzeniers have completed their inspections of the parish. From the reports coming in, most have heeded the request to be a good neighbour and to get the work done on time.

We know it's a chore but it's important for safety reasons and to prevent flooding when the rains come, so the Douzaine appreciates the efforts made by everyone to keep the Vale looking at its best.

Some letters have had to be sent out reminding property owners of their legal obligations but these seem to be fewer and fewer each year so the 'good neighbour' message is definitely getting out there.

And of course there's a cost to the parish – effectively you as ratepayers – if we have to send out reminders (Douzeniers make the inspections on a voluntary basis, however) so it's in everyone's interest to stay on top of the twice-yearly cutting and cleaning.

So if you did, many thanks for all the hard work. It's appreciated!

Pictured below are some streams which one Douzenier asked to be published as particularly good examples of 'how to do it'.

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