Parish 'surgery' opposed to 25mph speed limit proposals

Tue 26 Feb 2019

Parishioners who attended a Vale Deputies' Surgery at the weekend were opposed to the 'blanket' imposition of 25mph speed limits in the parish and Braye Road.

Vale Senior Constable Richard Leale made this clear after being asked whether the Douzaine supported a States motion to annul all the new limits, which is being seconded by Vale deputy Jeremy Smithies, and will be debated this week.

Concerns by the Douzaine last year (reported here) led to them urging the parish deputies to oppose the piecemeal introduction of lower limits but members have not formally discussed the motion to annul.

Mr Leale said today: 'A blanket annulment is a clumsy tool as some of the lanes could or should be 25mph, but not all. Additionally, we know a majority of parishioners are opposed to the lower limit proposed for Braye Road.'

He added that the ruettes tranquilles in the parish couldn't be a recommended 15mph and a 25mph limit at the same time. 'That's simply sending out a confusing mixed message to the motorist,' he said.

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