L'Ancresse wall 'insufficiently special' to be protected

Mon 25 Jun 2018

The Development & Planning Authority has decided that the L'Ancresse anti-tank wall should not be added to the protected monuments list. The Authority considered the legislation and the criteria for protection and agreed that the L'Ancresse anti-tank wall did not qualify for this statutory protection. The details of its decision are to be found here.

 In reaching its decision, the Authority acknowledged the anti-tank wall had a high historic interest, given its origins as a purpose-built occupation-era defensive structure. It also recognised that the wall had some group value in association with other fortifications at L'Ancresse and that its setting is relatively undisturbed by other development.

Nevertheless, it concluded that in other relevant respects (archaeological, traditional and artistic) its interest was low and the level of interest was insufficiently special to justify protection of the anti-tank wall as a protected monument.


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