Island Development Plan needs to change, say north deputies

Fri 29 Mar 2019

Deputies from the north of the island believe that changes need to be made to the Island Development Plan to stop it being implemented based on planners' personal opinions, it has been reported.

This follows the news last week that outline permission had been granted which could see 160 new homes built at Pointues Rocques, St Sampson’s, and Le Maresquet, Vale. Residents, campaign groups and deputies were surprised by the approval, stating the location, number of houses and traffic concerns did not follow IDP policies.

Vale deputy Laurie Queripel told the Guernsey Press that steps were already being taken to amend those policies. ‘There has to be greater thought given to the effect on infrastructure and services,’ he reportedly said. ‘Better understanding of what and who we are building for.’

Two solutions
He added that what was happening in practice did not fully match the theory. ‘It is currently being applied in a way which is mechanical and crude,’ he said. ‘They are seeing it in black and white, whereas shades of grey are required.’

Deputy Queripel said there were two possible solutions. ‘Ensure that greater emphasis is given to the policies that exist within the IDP, as it currently stands that should protect against the kind of problems we are seeing,’ he said. ‘Or attempts are made to amend the IDP. If that means reopening public enquiries and consultation then so be it.’

Vale Constable Richard Leale and the Vale's Deputy Mary Lowe have already been critical of the IDP and the outcomes it is producing – and the impact that's having on the north.

St Sampson’s deputy Jennifer Merrett and Policy & Resources member and St Sampson’s deputy Jane Stephens have also added their voices to the concerns about the IDP and need for it to be reviewed.

According to Deputy Stephens, however, that was unlikely to happen until island-wide voting came in.


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