Is this field right for development?

Mon 12 Mar 2018

Following publication of a development framework for Camp Dolent, residents of Tertre Lane, Vale, are facing the prospect of an additional 8-17 new homes being built in the already residential area and many are concerned by that. 

Vale Constable Richard Leale has had feedback about the proposals, pictured above, and says the matter will be considered by the Vale Douzaine at its next meeting and in time for the parish to make representations to the planning authorities as appropriate.

His own view is that the site is inappropriate and told BBC Guernsey that the plans were ridiculous, of far too high a density and would have horrendous implications for traffic in an already busy area.

He understood that the Vale School was already bursting at the seams and an extra 17 new homes could equate to up to 34 more children being taught there – more than an extra class having to be accommodated.

However, he was inviting parishioners to contact the douzaine to let them know what they thought before a formal response was submitted to planners. That can be done by contacting the office via email at Info@valeparish.gg or through the parish Facebook page.

The full development framework can be accessed here (it may take a few moments to load): LINK 

Below is the site plan prepared by the planners: 


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