Fort Le Marchant fly tipping cleared

Wed 05 Sep 2018

Some significant amounts of fly tipping [pictured below] near Fort Le Marchant have now been cleared by the Vale Commons Council after it was reported to them and police are investigating the incident.

A sofa and other large items had been abandoned there from, it is thought, the back of a truck or large van. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the police if it can assist with the inquiries.

It is thought unlikely that the fly tipping is related to the island's new waste management regime given the size of the items abandoned.

The new system appears to have got off to a smooth start in the Vale, with few calls being received by the office. Those that were generally related to the day of collection and what bag/container to put out.

The recycling link on our website home page enables you to check your postcode and get the latest on what to leave out an when.


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