Football pitch improvements at L'Ancresse

Wed 28 Feb 2018

Bring back the park goalposts
The above headline appeared on a long letter in the Guernsey Press this week, with the author reflecting on the loss of football pitches from the island’s parks.

Well, the Vale has some good news for him – two playable pitches are available at L’Ancresse Common at the Lucksall/Vale Church end and they are free for all to use.

In addition, the Douzaine has just agreed to upgrade the goalposts on one of them as the old wooden posts were deteriorating. We are very grateful to the Vale Rec football club, which has generously provided netting for the posts, which should enhance the playing experience there.
Vale Constable Richard Leale said: ‘I am pleased the Douzaine has agreed to keep the pitches in use and to make sure the parish retains this facility.

‘The pitches are for anyone to use, whether they live in the parish or not, and there’s no charge to do so and no need to pre-book so I hope we can reassure the letter writer that at least the Vale’s trying to encourage the informal kick-abouts he remembered so vividly from his youth.’


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