Douzaine lobbies Planning over 'triangle' development concerns

Tue 20 Nov 2018

'Grave concerns' have been voiced by the Vale Douzaine and Constable over the density of housing proposed for the 'triangle field' in Braye Road opposite the industrial estate. Richard Leale has also written to Planners protesting over the planned removal of mature trees on the site, pictured above.

He described the field as a green lung in an otherwise developed area and one that the Douzaine wanted to safeguard as far as possible.

Other parish concerns have also been expressed over the application. A request for an extra gateway onto either the main road or Mare Pellees Lane was a major worry, not least because of access problems already experienced by residents in the area.

Parking fears
Mr Leale also highlighted the inadequacy of parking at the proposed development – with just one visitor space provided for the whole estate. Most houses would need at least two spaces for their own use, so the sole one for visitors would soon be taken up.

In turn, that suggested callers would be looking for somewhere to leave a vehicle in the lane or main road, neither of which were suitable. 'Does that mean people will overflow with their cars to the industrial premises opposite?' he asked.

The Douzaine acknowledged that it was too late to prevent some development from taking place but urged Planners to take note of the parish's strong concerns over density, parking and the environmental issues.

Support for Church parking
Separately, however, the Constable and Douzaine have contacted the Development and Planning Authority to support an application by the Vale Commons Council to improve and control parking at the Vale Church.

Me Leale said the area was regularly abused, with abandoned vans and cars left there, while people who did not live in the vicinity were parking commercial vehicles.

He urged Planners to approve the 'sensible' proposals.

Vale junior constable Bill Cohu at the Vale Church car park.
(Picture by Steve Sarre, Guernsey Press)

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