Dog tax - your questions answered

Thu 03 Jan 2019


Our reminder here a couple of days ago about dog tax being due prompted some questions from parishioners about why it exists, whether all parishes have it and what happens to the fee.

The first thing to note is that the tax is imposed by the States of Guernsey across the island and the douzaines have no control over the charge that is set, currently £10 per animal like Harley, pictured right*.

For it to be increased, decreased or scrapped would require a formal resolution by the Assembly, which means that parishioners would have to lobby their deputies to rescind it.

The douzaines are at liberty to use the money raised as they see fit, although by law 10% of it goes to the Constables because in past times the Constables had to collect it. Today, that task is absorbed by the douzaines as part of the administrative functions they and their secretaries undertake.

Parish improvements
In the case of the Vale - it may vary in other parishes - the two Constables share 10% of the tax received as an honorarium for the other duties they have to discharge, while the balance goes into the Parish Improvement Fund.

This covers a whole host of things, from improving paths to providing additional rubbish bins - all things that are not met by the rates.

Any parishioner can suggest improvements that the parish might well fund and we'd be pleased to receive any suggestions parishioners may have - the contact details are at the top of this page.

Full details of the tax and what happens to it are disclosed in the accounts, which are published here on this site.

* Harley is a 13-year-old Staffy currently with the Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and looking for a new home. More details here but the GSPCA says she is lively, happy and loves company.

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