Useful Information

Barbed wire - This must be of a height of at least 6ft from the road surface when it borders a public place.

Bornements or permits - A Bornement, (change of alignment) is required from the Douzaine in respect of any building work, including fenestration, within 1.5 metres of the public road or footpath. Applications must be made in writing to the Constables, with a copy of plans and payment of £25. Applications must be received at least seven days prior to the douzaine meeting.

Liquor Licence requests must be submitted to the Constables at least seven days prior to the douzaine meeting.

Cisterns, wells and boiler pits - These must be covered or fenced in such a manner as to prevent any person from falling in accidentally.

Quarries - These must be adequately protected by private land or fenced to ensure they are not a danger to the public. They are checked by the Constables who then report on their state to the Royal Court.

Dog Tax - This is due in January of each year in respect of all dogs, with the exemption of assistance dogs. Payments of £10 can be made in person during office hours by cash, cheque or card; by post, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope, or by phone using a debit or credit card.

Every dog owner must have their animal licensed from six months old and failure to do so means the owner can be reported to Guernsey Police and fined.

NB: the office will be open between the hours of 5pm and 7pm every Monday night during the month of January.

Beach restrictions for dogs - From the 1st May to 30th September inclusive dogs are not allowed on seven of Guernsey beaches; Fermain, Petit Bot, L'Erée, Vazon, Cobo, Port Soif, L'Ancresse/Pembroke.

Douzaine Rooms - The Main Hall and Harold Collas room are available for hire on application to the Secretary (Tel 244155 during office hours).

Remembrance Sunday Service - This is held each year at the War Memorial at the bottom of Route des Coutures at 10 am on the Sunday closest to 11th November.

Useful Parish Links

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